What to Carry in a Gym Bag 

what to carry in gym bag

One of the most important accessories when it comes to working out is often overlooked. Whether you’re just starting or have been going to the gym for years, a good-quality gym bag is an incredible asset

Although most people don’t think too much about the type of gym bag they use daily, investing in one that will last you for years to come is the first step. Think about the life-cycle of your bag. Do you keep it in the car? If so, it’s probably exposed to the sun or other weather conditions daily. 

If not, then you likely take it inside your home and don’t think too much about the contents, or the material. Today, we want to offer some perspective about why you need a good quality gym bag, why it makes sense in the long run, what you should carry in it, and where to find the best gym bag.

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Why you need a gym bag

The most important reason to invest in a gym bag is to stay organized. A gym bag can help you plan out your workouts, as well as house the necessary equipment and accessories. So the most logical reason to have a gym bag is to help you carry and organize your training essentials. 

Another reason you might want to invest in a gym bag is to help prevent theft. Sure most fitness centers have locker rooms but most facilities don’t provide a lock for your stuff. Leaving your gear randomly in a locker increases the risk of it going missing. Whereas if you store your gear inside a bag, you can carry it around with you as you train, or leave it in an observable area on the gym floor. 

Lastly, probably the most common reason why you should have a gym bag is that it makes you feel good. Spending money on a well-designed, quality gym bag makes you want to show it off to others. Not to mention, you feel good about your investment and can now transport all your essential lifting gear that you've spent good money on.

What is the best gym bag? 

There are many types of bags that you’ll see scattered around the locker room or on the gym floor. You can also tell a lot about a person based on the type of bag that they carry.

For example, someone who carries a drawstring bag is either really organized and only brings the essentials for that particular workout, or they’ve gone nuts and think they’re able to cram all of their gear in this tiny contraption.

On the other hand, someone who carries a bag that looks and feels heavy-duty probably takes their fitness goals seriously. You might be thinking to yourself, “you can really guess that about someone just based on the type of bag?”. Yes. If you care about your gear and progress, you’re more likely to protect it and carry it in a higher-quality bag. 

You can invest in lower-quality bags, but just know that they will start to tear and break. You might even find missing zippers and loose strings after a short while. That’s why it’s good to invest in a legit gym bag.

So what kind of bag is the best gym bag? Look for durable material like Cordura because it has significant advantages over cheaper Nylon or polyester material types. 

One of the biggest benefits of a Cordura material gym bag is its high tensile strength fibers composition. Cordura material is extremely durable for long-term use and in a lot of cases, it’s waterproof.

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Advantages of Cordura Fabric

We just mentioned that the best type of gym bag is one made from Cordura fabric. But what is Cordura and why is it the best fabric material?

Cordura is a dense Nylon fiber with a polyurethane coating. The biggest factor that separates Cordura from other materials is its composition. It’s made up of tiny textured fibers that make it resistant to abrasions and friction. That’s why Cordura material is used for gear like camping tents, backpacks, luggage, and more.

Materials with a higher ‘denier’ count (unit of textile measure) refers to the thickness of the thread. Meaning the higher the denier number the tougher the product. Gym bags that are made from this material can last for years versus others that may break apart in months.

Here are two reasons why we recommend this type of fabric:

1) Built to Last

Cordura is not only a type of fabric, but it’s also a brand name. Its biggest benefit is that it’s built to last. Cordura features high tensile strength fibers meaning it can withstand high stress without breaking or tearing while being stretched or pulled. 

2) Water-Repellant 

Some Cordura bags are completely waterproof, while others are water repellant. The water-repellent option means that the material has been treated with Teflon ®, allowing the water beads to simply roll off the material if exposed to rain or water. This is a cool feature since it enables you to take your bag outdoors and use it for other activities aside from just carrying your gym gear.

What to Carry in a Gym Bag?

Most people don’t need much help figuring out what to bring in their daily gym bag. But for those who like to plan or simply looking for recommendations on what gear is essential, we have some of our top picks.

We should also mention that most people will carry other items that aren’t necessarily considered gear, like headphones, deodorant, a towel, underwear, or a second pair of shoes. Here are some of our top gear suggestions, in no particular order.

1) An adequate BlenderBottle®

Hydration before, during, and after a workout is key. Without an adequate amount of water throughout the day, you might experience dehydration. You’ll know if you’re lacking water if you experience symptoms like dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, and more.

That’s why we recommend that you stay hydrated and use at least a 28-ounce water bottle to store and transport your pre-workout, water, and post-workout supplements. 

2) A change of clothes

If you sweat a lot you probably already bring an extra change of clothes just in case. This can also be important if you’re heading to work after your gym session or if you have other plans.

We recommend bringing an extra shirt and a pair of light-weight training shorts just in case you go extra hard in the gym and don’t want to leave sweat marks on your gym bag or your car. 

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3) Durable Weightlifting Belt

We don’t want to brag too much, but since some of our lifting belts have been ranked as one of the best weightlifting belts in 2021, we have to talk about how important it is to have one in your bag. A lifting belt is essential for overall progress. 

Carry a weightlifting belt in your gym bag each time you plan on doing any lower body or back movements. However, most people will carry a lifting belt in their bag no matter what they’re training that day.

4) Gear for Wrist and Grip Support

Just like you need protection for your bag with a lifting belt, you may also want to consider using lifting straps for grip support and control. Choose lifting straps that will improve your lifts based on the type of training you’re doing.

If you’re training your upper body and need assistance with wrist stability and support for push/pull movements, we can’t fail to mention that wrist wraps do a great job with this. If you’re serious about progress while protecting your joints, using wrist wraps can improve stability and offer support during heavy lifting. 

5) Sleeves for Your Knees and Elbows

You’ve probably seen people use knee or elbow sleeves at the gym. Whether they’re playing basketball or lifting, they know it’s important to get the right protection.

For serious powerlifters, bodybuilders, or CrossFit athletes, there’s almost nothing better than protecting your knee and elbow joints. Knee and elbow sleeves work similarly by providing a warming compression to the joint area while training. 

Using compression sleeves helps regulate blood flow and can oftentimes reduce pain and stiffness. The benefits of using knee sleevesfor example, include better knee support, pain relief, and better post-workout performance.

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Where Can I Buy A Gym Bag?

You’ve probably done some research and it could be one of the reasons why you’ve landed on this post. When it comes to buying a gym bag, the options on where to purchase one are endless.

However, the difference between a regular gym bag and a quality Cordura bag is how well it ages. Sure, spending less for a bag makes sense now, but if you invest in a quality bag then you’ll be set for several years than if you chose the other types.

So where can you buy a gym bag? Anywhere. Where can you buy a great quality gym bag? Right here at Gymreapers. 

We offer a limited release of Cordura gym bags that allow you to loop your weightlifting belt around it, as well as carry all essential gear inside. This gym bag will also has space for a blender bottle.

Zipping Things Up 

Today, we offered some perspective about why you need a good quality gym bag, why it makes sense in the long run, what you should carry in it, and where to find the best gym bag.

When it comes down to it, invest in gear and equipment that will outlast your hardest sessions. What’s in your gym bag? Let us know your bag preference and what you typically carry in it.

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