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Fueling Muscle Growth with Kaged Muscle

Kris Gethin Gymreapers Athlete

You’ve heard of Kaged Muscle Supplements by now. For those that haven’t yet, Kaged Muscle (KM) has a long-standing history of formulating and distributing science-based supplements for men and women. What makes them different from the rest?

Backed by Kris Gethin, a world-class fitness entrepreneur, each supplement undergoes ingredient scrutiny and testing by a dedicated research and development team before the production of the final product. The ingredients and flavor compounds are loaded with essential nutrients that power growth. 

kris gethin kaged muscle supps

We tend to team up with Kaged Muscle Supplements to create a considerable giveaway stacks, which includes training gear from Gymreapers such as a lever belt, wrist straps, resistance bands, and more. Then we combined supplements from Kaged Muscle, such as Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, Re-Kaged, and more — to give away products valued over $500. One lucky winner is now putting everything to good use.  

So why’d we partner with a supplement company for this? Simply put, we believe that quality matters, no matter the industry. That’s why we choose to work with only the best of the best, especially when it comes to hydrating, replenishing and fueling essential nutrients that power muscle growth in the body.

We wanted to take this opportunity to show you some of the reasons why Kaged Muscle Supplements has gained (and retained) a big following and give you insight into their top products.  

1) Hydra-Charge

Believe it or not, there are people in the world that “hate water.” It may sound like a crazy concept, but water does have a particular flavor. For those people who aren’t big water drinkers, or just need a bit of a flavor boost to their hydration levels, Hydra-Charge is the solution. Intended to be used before, during, and after a workout, the advantage of using Hydra-Charge is that it replenishes your body with five essential electrolytes to keep you going. 

Combining electrolyte properties from the coconut water powder and Taurine, Hydra-Charge features calculated nutrients and antioxidants from fruit and herbal extracts to keep your muscle cells, and mental focus focused. The flavors inside Hydra-Charge are formulated with care and are free of artificial coloring or other harmful ingredients. Hydra-Charge is available in four flavors, including Apple Limeade, Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, and Pink Lemonade. 


With so many pre-workout brands and flavors on the market, how does a supplement stand out? One way Pre-Kaged is different from the rest is due to its composition. Dosage of crucial ingredients such as citrulline, BCAAs, and flavor profiles are formulated by dedicated research and development teams at Kaged Muscle.

The power and focus matrix features ingredients (like Creatine HCL and Taurine) that carry only the necessary components to bring strength and power to any tough workout. This pre-workout seriously works wonders. 

For those who aren’t into the jittery feelings that come with the caffeinated properties of a pre-workout, Pre-Kaged comes in a stimulant-fee option. It’s also an excellent supplement for those who need to work out in the evenings but are worried about staying up too late if they use standard pre-workouts.

The best part is, each variation of original Pre-Kaged offers an incredible taste profile. Pre-Kaged is available in six flavors, including Fruit Punch (stim-free available), Berry Blast, Krisp Apple, Orange Krush, Pink Lemonade, and Grape (new). 

Pre Kaged from KM


Let’s talk a little about supplementation during a workout. We’ve mentioned the importance of hydration and a good pre-workout, but one of the commonly overlooked opportunities for maximum anabolic refueling is during an exercise. During a lifting session, amino acid metabolization increases as a way to supply demanding energy needs.

That’s where In-Kaged comes in, delivering fundamental nutrients and fuel muscle protein synthesis for muscle growth. The patented ingredients that make In-Kaged effective include non-GMO BCAAs, L-Citrulline (for circulation), CarnoSyn (a naturally occurring beta-amino acid needed for muscle growth), and more. 

The powerful ingredients work together to help you keep training, whether you’re lifting weights or running. What’s more is the neuro support amino acids such as Taurine, L-Tyrosine, and Purcaf (organic caffeine extract) that work to provide mental sharpness and clarity to keep you going.

Just like all supplements from Kaged Muscle, In-Kaged is naturally flavored and does not feature artificial colors or ingredients. In-Kaged is available in flavors such as Blue Raspberry, Cherry Lemonade, and Watermelon. 


How do you recharge after your workout? There is a difference in the supplements you ingest into your body post-workout. Re-Kaged features essential nutrients like plant-based fermented glutamine, Creatine HCI, betaine, and a premium enzyme blend that is entirely different than most protein powders.

There is zero wasted protein because the protein enzyme technology used for Re-Kaged is broken down into smaller particles, making it easy for digestion and absorption. 

Loaded with scientifically-tested ingredients and essential amino acids that are optimal for muscle protein synthesis, Re-Kaged delivers clean and practical benefits to improve muscle growth and recovery (1).

The most significant advantage of Re-Kaged is that in a 28g scoop, it supercharges muscle building, helps your body recover faster, and doesn’t include any banned substances.

With four impressive natural flavors, you can enjoy Re-Kaged in Fruit Punch, Orange Kream, Strawberry Lemonade, and Lemon Cake (new). 

ReKaged from KM

5) Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Much like the protein enzyme technology in Re-Kaged, the MicroPure Whey Protein Isolate from Kaged Muscle can be digested easily without wasting crucial nutrients. The Protein Isolate from KM is the purest and fastest-acting whey protein available on the market. That's due to the advanced technology used in production (to preserve protein molecules while minimizing impurities).

There are no fillers, hormones, no artificial flavors or colors, and the list goes on. For those that are careful about their sugars and fats, one scoop of whey protein has less than one gram of sugar or fat.

Why choose this Whey Protein Isolate over other options on the market? It has an ultra-premium protein quality that has full-spectrum amino acids (EAAs, BCAAs, CAAs, and NAAs) that work together to power your muscles to produce higher results.

Third-party testing is conducted on all products to ensure and verify purity, potency, and composition, rendering reassurance that this is a quality supplement. Flavor combinations include Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, Coffee Latte, and S'mores (new). 

6) Ferodrox

The final component of muscle building and growth with the help of Kaged Muscle comes in capsule form. Ferodrox supports natural testosterone production through science-backed ingredients. After two years of hard work, the research and development team at KM uncovered six incredible ingredients that formulate Ferodrox.

Featuring powerful ingredients like Eurycoma longifolia Jack, Ashwagandha, Zinc, and others, Ferodrox helps maintain cortisol and testosterone levels within a healthy range to boost strength and performance. 

There are also benefits to the capsule composition itself. Unlike most other capsules, the Ferodrox vegetable capsule features a delayed-release technology that bypasses the stomach to be rapidly absorbed by the small intestines (within 20 minutes).

Bypassing the stomach means that you’re not losing out on valuable nutrients that typically get destroyed by the naturally acidic properties of the stomach. It’s a genuinely remarkable supplement in the way it’s designed, absorbed, and accepted by the body’s cells. 

KM Ferodrox

Muscle Growth with Kaged Muscle 

As you can tell, Kaged Muscle has a fantastic history of formulating and distributing science-based supplements for men and women. That's backed up by thousands of positive customer reviews.

Every supplement undergoes ingredient scrutiny and testing by a dedicated research and development team before the final product is ever made. The ingredients and flavor compounds are filled with essential nutrients that power muscle growth for a stronger, more powerful you. If you’ve been looking for a clean solution to muscle growth, check out Kaged Muscle Supplements.

Our friends at Kaged Muscle can help you achieve your fitness goals through proper supplementation. They have also prepared a quick list of Gymreapers gear that the team at Kaged Muscle recommends. Head over and check it out!



  1. Weinert, D. (2009). Nutrition and muscle protein synthesis: a descriptive review. The Journal Of The Canadian Chiropractic Association, 53(3), 186. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2732256/

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