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Upper Body Workout: Push Day with Monica Granda

best push day workout

Unlock the power of push day workouts with this ultimate guide that includes the benefits, targeted muscle groups, and the best exercises to optimize your upper-body training. Plus, put it to the test with an exclusive Upper-Body Push Day workout routine from Gymreapers Athlete Monica Granda, designed to elevate your strength. 

What is a Push Day Workout?

Push day workouts are essential for strengthening the upper body, focusing on muscle groups involved in pushing movements - mainly the chest, shoulders, and triceps. These sessions aim to improve muscle growth, strength development, and create a well-rounded upper-body physique through exercises like bench presses, overhead presses, and more.

  • Chest: Exercises like the bench press and push-ups work extensively to build your pectoral muscles.
  • Shoulders: Develop your deltoids with overhead presses and lateral raises for a broader, more powerful upper body.
  • Triceps: Improve arm strength with routines that include tricep dips and skull crushers.

    Push Workout Benefits:

    • By focusing on compound movements, push workouts help maintain physical balance and symmetry, enhancing both aesthetics and functional strength.
    • The strategic use of a balanced training split reduces injury risks by evenly distributing muscle strain.
    • Maximize your gym time with workouts that are designed to deliver results quickly and effectively.

      Best Push Exercises for Upper Body

      1. Bench Press: A staple in any strength training program, perfect for building chest and arm strength.
      2. Overhead Press: Excellent for shoulder development and overall upper body power.
      3. Tricep Dips: Target your triceps to round out your arm conditioning.

        By incorporating push day workouts into your fitness routine, you can effectively build a stronger, more visually striking upper body. These exercises not only improve muscular endurance and power but also contribute to better posture and physical symmetry.

        push day workout

        Benefits of Push Day Workouts

        1) Enhanced Structural Balance and Symmetry
        Push workouts strategically focus on compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This method promotes even muscle development across the body, helping to maintain physical balance and symmetry.

        2) Aesthetic Improvement
        Regular push day sessions contribute to a more sculpted and defined physique. By enhancing muscle tone and shape, these workouts improve overall body aesthetics, appealing to those looking to enhance their physical appearance.

        3) Functional Strength and Injury Prevention
        The functional strength gained from push day exercises translates into better performance in daily activities and other sports, reducing the risk of injuries by strengthening the muscles and joints.

        4) Maximized Workout Efficiency
        Push day workouts are designed to yield maximum results in minimal time, making them ideal for those with busy schedules. By focusing on efficiency, these sessions ensure that you get the most out of every minute you spend in the gym.

        Why a Push Day Workout Routine?

        Integrating push day workouts into your fitness plan not only promotes physical well-being but also optimizes your time in the gym. This approach ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive workout regime without sacrificing other aspects of your lifestyle.

        • Boost Overall Fitness: Achieve a balanced and physically appealing body by enhancing your strength, symmetry, and functionality.
        • Save Time: Spend less time in the gym while still accomplishing rigorous fitness goals.

          Embrace the benefits of push day workouts and make them a cornerstone of your fitness journey. Start seeing the positive changes in your structural balance, aesthetic appeal, functional ability, and overall health! 

          Push Day: Muscles Targeted

          1) Chest Muscles (Pectoralis Major and Minor)
          These large muscles are crucial for exercises like the bench press and push-ups. They are responsible for moving the arms across the body and bringing them closer to the midline (adduction). Developing the chest muscles not only enhances upper body strength but also improves the aesthetic appeal by providing a fuller look.

          2) Shoulder Muscles (Deltoids)
          This muscle group includes the front (anterior) and side (lateral) deltoids. They are primarily worked during overhead presses and lateral raises. Deltoids are essential for any movement that involves lifting the arms, contributing to both strength and width of the upper body.

          3) Triceps (Three Heads - Long, Lateral, and Medial)
          Tricep extensions and other similar exercises activate these muscles. The triceps are responsible for extending the elbow, playing a vital role in nearly all pushing movements. Strong triceps contribute to overall arm strength and are pivotal for achieving a well-defined upper body. 

          tricep pulldown exercise

          Why Focus on Push Day Muscles?

          Targeting these specific muscle groups during push workouts ensures comprehensive development and functionality of the upper body. By emphasizing the chest, shoulders, and triceps, you can achieve:

          • Enhanced Upper Body Strength: Improved performance in both everyday activities and specialized sports.
          • Increased Muscle Definition: A more defined and visually appealing upper body silhouette.
          • Balanced Muscle Growth: Uniform development that promotes physical symmetry and reduces the risk of injuries.

            Incorporate a variety of exercises that focus on these essential muscles to maximize your push workouts. Not only will you see improvements in strength and aesthetics, but you'll also enjoy a more effective and efficient training session.

            Top Push Day Exercises for Maximum Gains

            A well-planned push day workout is essential for achieving comprehensive muscle engagement and optimal strength gains. To ensure you are getting the most out of your training sessions, including a mix of both compound and isolation exercises is key. Here are some of the best exercises to include in your push day routine:

            1) Bench Press: This quintessential compound exercise primarily targets the chest, but also works the shoulders and triceps. It's perfect for building overall upper body strength.

            2) Overhead Press: Ideal for developing shoulder strength and stability, the overhead press enhances your ability to perform any tasks that require lifting above the head.

            3) Push-Ups: As a fundamental bodyweight exercise, push-ups engage multiple muscle groups including the chest, shoulders, and triceps, making them a versatile addition to any workout.

            4) Tricep Extensions: These isolation exercises are crucial for targeting the triceps, helping to improve arm definition and power for better performance in push-oriented tasks.

            5) Lateral Raises: By isolating the lateral deltoids, lateral raises help widen and define the shoulder area, contributing to a more balanced and proportional upper body silhouette.

            complete push day workout
            The main purpose of wrist wraps is to provide support and stabilization of the wrist, preventing hyperextension while ensuring proper wrist placement beneath the bar.

            Upper-Body Push Day Workout with Monica Granda

            Elevate your fitness journey with this specialized Upper-Body Push Day workout crafted by Gymreapers Athlete, Monica Granda. Try Monica’s Advanced Upper-Body Routine that’s perfect for anyone aiming to take their upper-body gains to the next level

            Elevate your gym sessions by incorporating this comprehensive upper-body push day workout curated by Gymreapers athlete Monica Granda. Each exercise is designed to target critical upper-body muscles, ensuring you maximize every minute of your workout for optimal gains.

            1) Competition Bench Press with Resistance Bands
            • Setup: Lie back on the bench, hands gripping the barbell just beyond shoulder width, and maintain an arched back for support.
            • Execution: Smoothly lift the bar, lower it to your chest, and explosively press it up to lockout.
            • Routine: 8 sets of 3 reps at 70% of your one-rep max, emphasizing speed and technique, with 90 seconds of rest between sets.

            2) Dumbbell Flat Bench Press
            • Setup: Start lying flat, dumbbells in hands above your chest.
            • Execution: Lower the weights to your chest, then push them up to extend your arms fully.
            • Routine: Begin with a set of 8 reps and complete 4 additional sets, focusing on maintaining form.

            3) Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
            • Setup: Sit on an incline bench, weights at shoulder height.
            • Execution: Press the dumbbells up until your arms are straight, then lower them back to shoulder level.
            • Routine: 5 sets of 8 reps, increasing weight to find a challenging 8-rep set.
            dumbell incline bench press

            4) Machine Chest Flys
            • Setup: Adjust the machine to align the handles with your chest while seated.
            • Execution: Bring the handles together in a sweeping motion and slowly return after a brief squeeze.
            • Routine: 5 sets of 12 reps, focusing on the contraction at the end of each rep.

            5) Triceps Pulldowns
            • Setup: Stand with an overhand grip on a rope attached to a high pulley.
            • Execution: Pull the rope down until your arms are fully extended, then return slowly.
            • Routine: Complete 5 sets of 8 reps, adding 4 partial reps to the end of each set for intensity.

            6) Dips
            • Setup: Use parallel bars, starting with your arms locked out.
            • Execution: Lower your body until your arms form 90-degree angles, then push back up.
            • Routine: Perform 4 sets of 8 reps, focusing on deep muscle engagement.

            7) Bicycles
            • Setup: Lie on your back with hands behind your head, legs raised and bent.
            • Execution: Alternate elbows to opposite knees with a pedaling motion.
            • Routine: 2 sets of 25 reps, ensuring continuous core engagement.

            8) Suitcases
            • Setup: Start flat with arms at your sides.
            • Execution: Simultaneously raise your knees and upper body while reaching forward.
            • Routine: 2 sets of 25 reps, focusing on the contraction of your abdominal muscles.

            9) Weighted Toe Touches
            • Setup: Lie with a weight held above your chest, legs straight.
            • Execution: Lift your torso to touch your toes with the weight, then slowly lower back down.
            • Routine: 2 sets of 25 reps, emphasizing control and core strength.
            best push workout
            Monica Granda wearing our Gymreapers Cropped Zip-Up Hoodie, which makes for the perfect pump cover 💪. 

            This push day routine by Monica Granda is meticulously designed to enhance strength, improve definition, and build endurance in the upper body. It combines heavy lifts with precision movements to stimulate muscle growth and ensure balanced development. Whether you're looking to improve your performance or sculpt your physique, incorporating these exercises into your push day can help you achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

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