Where To Position Arm Blasters For Best Results

Where to position arm blasters for best results

As a personal trainer, I’ve seen plenty of trainees using an arm blaster incorrectly simply because they’ve positioned it poorly on their torso.

To help you get the best results while using an arm blaster, I’ll teach you how to wear it correctly, how to use it, and what common mistakes to avoid to keep injuries at bay.

Key Takeaways

  • The ideal arm blaster position is when you can place the back of your lower triceps (the area just above the elbows) against the curved sides of the frame while keeping your shoulder blades retracted.

  • An incorrect arm blaster position can lead to discomfort and place unnecessary stress on your elbows when performing bicep curls and cable tricep extensions.

  • There are four common mistakes to be mindful of regarding the arm blaster position.
  • Arm Blaster Overview

    arm blaster overview

    An arm blaster is a long, flat piece of aluminum with slightly rounded edges and an adjustable neck strap holding it in position. The objective is to loop the strap around your neck and have the arm blaster in front of your body. 

    From there, trainees can position the back of their upper arms against the curved sides of the metal piece for support during bicep curl exercises. The arm blaster prevents the elbows from moving back and forth, improving training technique, and leading to better bicep activation.

    “An arm blaster workout uses a tool to isolate the biceps and triceps by giving the back of your arms a stable surface to anchor against. By limiting the movement of your shoulders, you put more strain and emphasis on the biceps and triceps to get more targeted results.”

    -Adam Gardner, powerlifter and coach

     The adjustable neck strap is typically made of nylon and it allows trainees to adjust the position of the arm blaster to suit their height and torso/arm length.

    How To Wear An Arm Blaster

    how to wear an arm blaster

    If you're new to using an arm blaster, here’s how to put it on and use it correctly:

    1. Place the adjustable strap behind your neck with the arm blaster in front of your body.

    2. Grab your preferred weight, be it a straight or EZ bar, dumbbells, cable, or something else.

    3. Stand tall and position the back of your upper arms (the area just above the elbows) against the slightly curved edges of the long mental piece.

    4. Assume a comfortable foot stance and retract your shoulder blades (squeeze them together).

    5. Take a deep breath and flex your abs.

    6. Curl the weight until your wrists are slightly higher than your elbows, and squeeze your biceps at the top.

    7. Slowly lower your arms, feeling your biceps stretch on the way down—exhale during this portion of the rep.

    8. Inhale again and repeat.

    Note: These instructions are for bicep curl variations but you can also use the arm blaster for cable tricep extension.

    Positioning The Arm Blaster For The Best Results

    Positioning the arm blaster for the best results

    Adjusting the arm blaster to the perfect position against your torso allows for a more comfortable and effective training experience. In contrast, improper placement can make the arm blaster less effective and more awkward to use.

    A simple way to determine if the arm blaster is in a good position is to examine how your arms lie against the curved ends while standing tall with your shoulders retracted. The ideal position for most people is one where the back of the upper arms (just above the elbows) lies against the curved edges.

    The neck strap should lie comfortably against your neck without feeling like it’s pulling your head forward or causing discomfort. 

    4 Common Arm Blaster Mistakes

    Wearing the arm blaster may seem straightforward, but you’d be surprised at how often I see the arm blaster positioned incorrectly.

    The most common arm blaster positioning mistakes I see include:

    Mistake #1: Positioning the Arm Blaster too High

    Wearing the arm blaster too high (closer to the shoulders) makes it more uncomfortable and places additional stress on your elbows. 

    This is because with the arm blaster positioned higher, your upper arms are supported but your elbows are less protected (as the point of support is further away). If you happen to swing the weight up or lower the weight quickly it will stress the elbow joints.

    How To Fix

    Tighten the next strap so that the area just above the elbows fits snugly in the curved sides. That position will ensure adequate elbow support and the necessary restriction without limiting the joint’s ability to flex or extend fully.

    Mistake #2: Having the Arm Blaster too Low

    I’ve also seen people position the arm blaster too low by having their elbows in contact with the arm blaster when fully extended, rather than their lower triceps. 

    This position would be extremely uncomfortable and limit the tool’s ability to stabilize the elbows as they bend and flex.

    How To Fix

    Position the arm blaster slightly higher on the torso by tightening the neck strap, so that your lower triceps (rather than your elbows) are in contact with the arm blaster when your arms are fully extended and flexed.

    Mistake #3: Elbows Not Feeling Secure

    Even if the arm blaster is in the right position, you can still compromise your results if you fail to secure your elbows in place as you curl the weight up (bicep curl) or pull the weight down (tricep extension). 

    If your elbows are lifting up off the support as you move your arms, then you’re limiting your ability to isolate the target muscles (which is the entire purpose of using an arm blaster).

    How To Fix

    Take your time to prepare for your training sets by positioning your lower triceps in the curved edges of the arm blaster and focusing on keeping them firmly pressed throughout the entire set to keep tension on the working muscles. 

    The position should feel secure, as if you’ve placed the back of your upper arms on a preacher bench.

    Mistake #4: Improper Posture

    That last mistake is usually a result of making one of the other positioning mistakes listed above because the improper placement of the arm blaster can cause your posture to shift. 

    For instance, placing the arm blaster too low on your torso can force you to round your upper back, limiting activation of the biceps and triceps and encouraging bad posture.

    Similarly, having the arm blaster too high can cause you to hyperextend your lower back in an effort to position your lower triceps against the curved edges, which can increase your risk of injury.

    How To Fix

    Be mindful of your arm blaster positioning and how it’s affecting your posture. You should be able to maintain an upright posture without straining your neck against the pull of the arm blaster.

    Arm Blaster Recommendation

    Gymreaper arm blaster


    The Gymreaper arm blaster is my go-to choice because of its excellent design, inclusive size for larger and smaller lifters, and fair price.

    The Gymreapers arm blaster is made of heavy-duty aluminum that is sure to stand the test of time and provide all the support your elbows need during many bicep and some tricep activities. The blaster is shaped to fit comfortably against your torso, promoting stability and optimizing your performance.

    The two sides of the arm blaster are capped, allowing for more friction between the back of your arms and the aluminum frame, reducing the risk of slipping during more intense sets. This effect is further magnified by the curved edges, allowing for a snug fit.

    Plus, the nylon strap is adjustable, which means you can comfortably position the arm blaster at the ideal height, regardless of your proportions. The strap comes with a padded piece for the neck, making it feel more comfortable and preventing bruising. 

    To top it off, you can pick from three colors: classic black red, and green. You also get to enjoy a 1-year replacement guarantee.

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